waste collection and disposal
state of texas, united states

Nature Group USA offers the complete services package for waste management in maritime and oil- gas related waste streams from collection to disposal:

USDA Regulated Waste

Is all regulated solid waste coming from foreign flagged vessels that enter a US Port. This can be packaging material items (plastics, papers, carboards, tins, glass) and APHIS waste (galley/food related waste).

These wastes are packed in super sacks or drums and collected by trained personnel and USDA Certified box trucks. Alle of this waste is being sterilised by Nature’s own autoclave before being disposed of in landfill.

General Solid Waste

In general this domestic trash of US flagged vessels and materials like dunnage, pallets, metal materials etc. that are disposed in dumpsters and picked up and disposed of in landfill. Dumpsters are handled by Nature dumpsters trucks.

Universal Waste

Is mainly ship generated waste like oily rags, empty paint cans, incinerator ash etc. Items are handled individually and picked up by box truck.

Box truck
Vac truck

Sludge- and Bilge Water

This is ship generated waste water that does not drain off the side of the deck drains and goes down through the ship into the bilge. Also engine generated wastes that are pumpable are part of this category like sludges, used oils etc. These wastes / recyclables can be collected via pump truck or barge.

Product Tank Washings

Are waters and product residue mixed together after ship’s cargo product tanks are washed. These washings are collected by truck and barge and will be processed in a recycling-water treatment plant.

Special Waste

These are special items that require special handling and disposal like electronics, light bulbs, batteries, print cartridges etc. Items are picked up by box truck.

Nature truck